UCLA Department of Statistics

141SL Projects

Stat 141Sl is an one hour seminar for undergraduate students; it gives students the opportunity to solve real data analysis problems for real community-based or campus-based clients. Students work in small groups with faculty member and client to frame client’s question in statistical terms, create statistical model, analyze data, and report results. Weekly meetings in classroom setting to study basic consulting skills, share experiences, exchange ideas, and make reports. On-site visits as necessary. Below are some of the projects done by the students.

Census at School Projects

Introduction: The original Census at School project started a decade ago in England. The project consisted of English students answering online surveys about their life. Nowadays, students from other countries are participating as well, such as South African students, Canadian students, New Zealand students, and many more.
The dataset used is subset of data collected from the Census at School project in the United States, which is sponsored by the American Statistical Association
(ASA). There are 62 variables (categorical and numerical) and around 9000 observations. Most importantly – as it relates to the tasks at hand, the dataset
has many “questionable” values, which may be caused by many things, such as vague survey questions, unclear instructions from the teachers, students who
just want to goof around, and so forth.