UCLA Department of Statistics

Fall 2010 Mini-course Materials

Fall 2010 Schedule

Date Topic Presenter Materials
Week 2
October 5 R Programming & Graphics I: Introduction to Programming and Graphics Mark Nakamura

Week 3
October 12 R Programming II: Data Manipulation and Functions Colin Rundel

Week 4
October 19 LaTeX I: Writing a Document, Paper or Thesis, Bibliographies, Style and Math Denise Tsai

Week 5
October 26 LaTeX II: Academic Talks and Presentations Mine Cetinkaya

Week 6
November 2 R Graphics II: Graphics for Exploratory Data Analysis Irina Kukuyeva

Week 7
November 9 R Stats I: Introductory Statistics Kekona Kai Sorenson

Week 8
November 16 R Stats II: Linear Regression Masanao Yajima

Week 9
November 23 R Stats III: Generalized Linear Models Tiffany Himmel