UCLA Department of Statistics

Evolution of Channel Islands Population

Methodology: Homogeneity analysis using HOMALS in R
Client affiliation: California State University – Los Angeles, Department of Physical Anthropology

There has been population replacement during the prehistoric times on the Channel Islands. Before the Spanish came, there were two different Indian populations: one in the North and one in the South of the Channel Island, confirmed by cranial measurements and Mitochondrial DNA (MDNA). The Northern population (is closer to Santa Barbara) are the Chumash Indians and the Southern one, the Ituaztecan. The Ituaztecan spread to Central America and pushed out the Chumash. (We do not know around what time this happened.) Using MDNA, the client has 6 reliable skull classifications (from 3 different islands), belonging to either of the two groups. With this information, he would like to be able to classify about 100 other individuals, based on their cranial measurements, taking location into account.

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