The Statistical Consulting Center of the UCLA Department of Statistics has the dual purpose of teaching graduate/undergraduate students and consulting with the Los Angeles and broader community on statistical questions and projects. We achieve these goals by:

  1. Training graduate students in consulting work and real-life data analysis.
  2. Providing statistical consulting and data analysis services to the UCLA research community and to the community at large.
  3. Mentoring teams of undergraduate students through real-life consulting projects with faculty advisors and real-world clients for the STATS 140/141SL courses.

We provide statistical consulting through three avenues: walk-in consulting hours, contractual consulting, and STAT 140/141SL projects.

  1. Walk-in consulting hours: During walk-in hours, consultants provide free advising on smaller, research project-related questions.
  2. Contractual consulting: For larger projects, the consulting team can be hired (monetary or authorship compensation) to devise and run the analyses on a contractual basis.
  3. STAT 140/141SL projects: Finally, the SCC is always looking for real-world projects for their consulting capstone courses. For these courses, teams of undergraduate students work with a faculty member and clients to complete consulting projects at no cost to the client.