Current Team


Sam Baugh

Samuel Joseph Baugh
UCLA Statistics Ph.D. Student
samuelbaugh (at) ucla (dot) edu

  1. Spatially Correlated Data
  2. Item Response Models
  3. Neural Networks
  4. Multi-level Modeling
  5. Bayesian Inference
  6. Environmental and Scientific Applications

Zachary Stokes
UCLA Statistics Ph.D. Student
zstokes (at) ucla (dot) edu

  1. Study design and power analysis
  2. Design and analysis of controlled experiments
  3. Metaheuristic optimization
  4. Evaluation and calibration of computer simulations
  5. Development of A/B tests & other online controlled experiments
  6. Data collection strategies for startups
David Amichai Wulf

David Amichai Wulf
UCLA Statistics Ph.D. Student
amiwulf (at) ucla (dot) edu

  1. Methodology for causal inference and caution with causal claims
  2. Statistics in healthcare and medicine
  3. Predictive systems
  4. Communication of research questions and study results
  5. Data science in e-commerce
  6. COVID research


Mahtash Esfandiari
Director of SCC
Senior Continuing Lecturer


Vivian Lew
Assistant Director of SCC
Senior Continuing Lecturer

Affiliated Faculty


Rob Gould
Lecturer SOE and Undergraduate Vice Chair


Mark Handcock