If you are interested in discussing the more complex statistical details of your research project or hiring the consulting team to perform the required analysis, then you can schedule a free consultation appointment. These meetings will consists of Q&A about the research project and the data analysis goals. If the joint decision is made to create a partnership between your organization and the consulting center, then the contractual details and analysis timeline will also be discussed. Our rates for such services are generally lower than comparable offerings from industry-based statistical consultants.

If you are not able to provide monetary compensation, then shared authorship with the consultants may be considered. Otherwise, the STAT 140/141SL students may work on the project as part of their consulting capstone courses.


To schedule an appointment with the consulting center team please send an email to Make sure to include the nature of your project and times you are available to meet in your email. Unless otherwise communicated all initial consultation meetings will take place in Math Sciences 8359.

What to Bring to Your Meeting

Please bring all materials necessary for us to understand the statistical considerations of your project. Where applicable this includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Formulated research question
  2. The dataset of interest or relevant summaries/figures
  3. An accompanying data dictionary explaining the data
  4. A working manuscript and/or report
  5. Demos and/or screenshots of any applicable technological IP related to the project